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Woodland Creation Project gets a head start

An exciting project to create a new area of woodland in Chryston got a welcome funding boost from Volunteering Matters Action Earth recently.  The £250 donated to the Northern Corridor Community Volunteers provided  the materials to build a large tree bed to bring on year old saplings to a size where they have a much improved chance of survival once they are moved to their future home.  The trees are destined to be part of a new woodland creation project on land at the nearby Crowwood Golf Club which borders a well used public right of way.

In a bid to reduce plastic use the new woodland will be planted in grazing exclosures using fencing and natural grazing deterrents such as hawthorn and blackthorn to prevent the new trees being grazed by the local roe deer population, this combined with the use of slightly older trees and a plan to use innovative shading techniques, soil transplants and the addition of traditional woodland floor plant species all have the potential to accelerate the woodland creation, increasing the biodiversity and carbon sequestration capacity of the new area to quickly combat the climate crisis and species loss.

“We were delighted to receive this funding which allowed our volunteers to build a new tree bed at our Communitree Nursery site in Chryston, the sapling trees that have been planted will spend their first couple of vulnerable years in an area where we can care for them well and ensure the very best start for them before they move to their new woodland home.

It's a long term project for us and we really hope to get lots of the local community involved so we hope people will get in touch and be part of it”

Volunteer and Funding Officer Claire Williams 



Northern Corridor Community Volunteers receives £3000 Young Placechangers Ideas Fund grant

Northern Corridor Community Volunteers are delighted to announce they have received £3000 from the Young Placechangers Ideas Fund

The Young Placechangers Ideas Fund supports Youth Groups to engage with others in their communities to take action to improve the environmental quality, biodiversity, playability and vibrancy of neighbourhoods.

Work will now begin on bringing the project to life.

The young people selected the creation of a forest garden and a series of fun family events, such as a youth led Easter treasure hunt during their previous grant of Seedcorn funding. They have been working hard utilising their imagination to create the forest garden and are now holding a ‘Coffee Break’ to gather ideas and feedback from the wider community. Anyone in Moodiesburn is welcome to come along to their event which will be held in the Moodiesburn Church Centre on Saturday 14th March between 12 and 3pm.

The work will be centred around the Pivot Community Centre and is supported by local Community Learning and Development workers based there.

“It has been such a positive experience for us and the youth groups involved to date, we can’t wait to see how the wider community reacts to the ideas so far and how they help to shape the next stages, If anyone in Moodiesburn aged 12-25 wants to join the project we would love to hear from them”; Volunteer and Funding Officer - Claire Williams