Northern Corridor Community Volunteers


Outlook and Aims

  • Promoting, Protecting and Nurturing Greenspace for community wellbeing - litter picks - improving paths - community growing and habitat conservation projects
  • Climate and Biodiversty Emergency Action, promoting active travel, woodland creation and expansion, upcylcing and the circular economy.
  • Promoting Natural, Cultural, Educational and Historical Assets - promoting the history and culture of the area for future generations including links with education service

Latest Developments

Seasonal Ranger Posts - funded by Nature.Scot - find out more and apply 

Ebike Loan Scheme - Cut the Carbon Cost if your Commute

CHRYSTON BIKE LIBRARY - Free bike hire for Northern Corridor Residents


2021/22 Projects

Gardening Club - Lorn Ave Chryston - Wednesday 11-1 supported by the Mushroom Trust 

SCOUTING FOR ADULTS - Wednesdays 10.30  - 12.30 Pivot Community Centre Supported by Places called home

ACTIVE COMMUNITIES  Wednesdays Pivot Centre 6-8pm Fridays Lorn Ave 11-1  Fridays Pivot Centre 6-10pm supported by the Peoples Health Trust 


Weekend Volunteering - Litterpicks and Woodland Creation



2020/21 Projects

COMMUNITY PATHS AROUND THE 7 LOCHS - Better Places Consultation 2021







Ongoing Projects:

    Midweek Volunteering - Community Tree Nursery and Garden- Supported by the Mushroom Trust 

    • Midweek day time events covering a ruling programme of pathwork, tree planting and aftercare, community growing, garden project, recycling projects, craft days and anything volunteers wish to add. This is a volunteer led project with the aim of creating a supportive environment for everyone to become involved in improving the communities we live in, reducing isolation, providing training and development opportunities, and supporting volunteers who face barriers to community volunteering, for instance due to low incomes, by providing travel expenses, lunch and refreshments and essential items like safety equipment.

    Paths and Walking Groups - Supported by Paths for All and Sustrans

    • Our community surveys indicated that lack of safe walking paths and quality outdoor space in the area, were top of the list in terms of what communities wanted the group to act on, we listened and our paths project is developing nicely.
    • Two Weekly walking groups established in Moodiesburn, with new walks starting soon on other areas
    • Two grants from Paths for All to reopen and signpost community paths
    • Engaging with North Lanarkshire Outdoor Access Forum to put the Northern Corridor on their map
    • Long term ambitious cooperation with NLC and sustrans to improve the Strathkelvin Railway Path 
    • Website and Leaflets 


    • Supporting Communites with Planning Issues and building capacity to ensure local voices are heard in the planning process

    • Engaging at national level on a community response to the climate emergency

    • Campaigning for low carbon solutions and the circular economy
    • Education around human impacts on the health of our environment - including non native invasive species, promoting biodiversity and reducing light pollution.


    • Organise litter picks
    • identify areas that need improvement
    • Report Local Fly-tipping to North Lanarkshire Council
    • Keep our villages looking the best they can be


    • Organise weekend activities - such as nature identification walks and walking our rights of way
    • Investigate which locally significant trees have TPO's in place and gain protection for those that do not
    • Investigate sources of funding available to improve local environment
    • Investigate sources of available community training
    • preserve, record and encourage wildlife habitats

    Biodiversity Challenge Fund

    In partnership with the Seven Lochs Partnership and Cumbernauld Living Landscape - this project will create new areas of wildlife habitat and remove invasive non native species from existing habitats.  Wildflower meadow sites will be created in several areas and new woodland established.

    New Woodland Creation

    Creating a new community woodland area at Crowwood Golf course to combat the climate emergency and species loss. 

    Northern Corridor Community Tool Library 

    A resource for local community groups with their own insurance to borrow garden tools for community projects.

    Our Heritage

    • Pull together information from historical sources on the area to preserve local heritage and increase knowledge
    • Assist local History Groups with their activities
    • 13 Heritage Trail Board installed - with maps and info for Heritage trail online by Feb 2021.

    Youth Placemaking

    Working with young people in the Moodiesburn area to bring about community improvement.  Designed by the young people through a series of intergenerational events aimed at bringing together the community as a whole and creating resillience and cohesion.

    Active Travel 

    In partnership with Cloudberry Communities CIC and funded by Paths for All - Smarter Choices, Cmarter Places Open Fund  - to deliver a one year programme to promote local path networks, encourage use of everyday active travel to reduce increase health and reduce the problems associated with unneccesary traffic.

    Active Travel Survey February 2019

    Active Travel Survey Work July - Oct 2019 


    Pivot Community Centre Growing Space

    Supported by a variety of funders with groups of volunteers in Partnership with NLC Community Learning and Development team.

    Chryston Community Garden 

    Using the power of volunteering to transform an unloved underised space into a relaxing, engaging shared space for the community - with a focus on helping wildlife and community wellbeing

    Coming Soon

    • Moodiesburn Active Travel hub.
    • Community Woodlands Group
    • Repair Cafe, Community Arts and Skill Sharing Workshops
    • Grow, Cook, Share - local food growing to combat food insecurity, enhance healthy eating and provide a community based model of food sharing.

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    ANNUAL REPORT April 2019 

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